Sunday, 8 June 2008

Is technology a faster horse?

When the car was developed it was seen as a faster horse. What has actually happened is that the car (a new technology at the time!) has fundamentally changed the way we live and the way we work. Changes due to the car, include radical change to the way cities are designed, people can work miles away from where they live and leisure/travel has altered. Culture and communities are different due to the car.

In terms of learning, it is often said that technology is the “it” and not the “how” (ie. it is an enabler). I’ve said it myself! So too do many colleagues.

I am now thinking that I was wrong! We are witnessing fundamental change to the way we live and also how we learn. We are only at the start of the revolution.

I’m trading in my horse…………..


Anonymous said...

In terms of learning, is technology the "IT" ot the "How"?

I think technology people have got a bad reputation for designing learning over the years (quite right too in many cases).

That said, it is might be the case that technology is changing everything (it is the "how"). At the same time it also requires good learning design. So technology could be the "IT" and the "how"?

Peter Hawke

Anonymous said...

Don't forget that both the car and the horse work better when there is a person involved. The majority of learning will be more effective when there is a person involved so long as that person is capable and current!