Wednesday, 3 December 2008

thanks Nancy (Communities of Practice)

A big thank you again to Nancy White for the series of blogs on Communities of Practice (CoP). The series has been going since early August, and give a marvellous overview into best practice on CoPs. Nancy’s fab website is

As I said back in August, for me CoPs are about the people and communities. They are not about technology or platforms. Too many people think CoPs can be a panacea to all the worlds problems, but in many circumstances a CoP is not required (and something else is better). When CoPs are the right route, you can’t just click a switch and believe you have done your part.

Communities of Practice take love and attention to get right!


Nancy White said...

Darren, thanks for the opportunity!

Fred said...


Didn't realise your blogging, very interesting definately bookmarked and stumbled.



Nancy White said...

Hey Darren - this blog has gone quiet. Whats up?