Monday, 31 March 2008

Learner Management System vs Google personalised learning environment poll result

Well, last weeks blog certainly got some interest going! The question was “Would learners learn more & interact more using everyday tools (eg. Google applications) or a proprietary LMS?"

Everyone who answered agreed!!

Though it is great to see that the web is more democratic than an election!

A number of people emailed me saying they thought the question was slightly one sided (……never!!!) and therefore didn’t answer. Well, I thought that was what politicians do all the time!!!! The actual answer is something like………….

“Too right individuals want to use Google tools (or similar tools) and not a proprietary LMS. But if you are a company or a training provider, you need to host the content somewhere and
you need to ensure that learners complete their course. So you need a LMS for the basics of content and tracking, but your LMS must allow the learner to use Google tools (or similar applications!)”

Best of both worlds! ……….Still this has major implications for LMS developers who for some reason continue to think that they want everything in their secret “walled garden”!!!

In actual fact, what the LMS developer is really saying is that it will take me 1 or 2 years to develop the application in my walled garden. Then the application won’t be as user friendly as a google application. Oh yes, plus we have just spent £'000s of our companies budget!!

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