Thursday, 20 March 2008

Please don’t tell me that I have to use your Learner Management System - I won’t!

Do I have to learn to use another Learner Management System (LMS) to gain access to my elearning courses?
If I do I will use it for the minimum. You won’t get me interacting.
Why do companies and learning providers waste money on elaborate
proprietary LMSs?
Why not use google applications or something similar? (like NetVibes)
I hear you say that you are a public body or a sensitive plc!

Hey, the district of Columbia are using google applications for all their staff. All their staff use google email, docs, communities and use it to learn. Even their police force is using google maps and iPhones to catch muggers and murderers!

OK! You need to store the content (elearning courses) somewhere and track progress. Plus, if you are a public funded learning organisation, you need to meet Government audit rules. But keep the LMS to the basics and use google for the rest!! It will save you time and money, and you will get better results!

It can be done. A Chief Technical Officer has confirmed it. But, hey you may not want to save millions and you many not want to help your learners learn even better than now?


Here is my "iGoogle". It is my homepage for work, for life and for learning. one page contains my email, calender, RSS feeds, blogs, You Tube fav’s, bookmarks, photo’s, news and much, much more. All my hobbies (running, Springsteen, Spurs etc) are all there.

It contains all my work stuff - all the info on the web I ever need for my job. I also belong to lots of education & learning technology groups & communities. Plus it has my word docs, presentations and automatically lists all the relevant UKs Conference or training events. I can share it all with work colleagues or friends. All through a single login.

It all takes 2 minutes to set up. My 85 year old granny (on the web for the first time) set it up in 90 seconds and loves it. She is still learning. It is her personal learning environment.


Anonymous said...

I agree with what you say but what about the so-called digital divide? Would they use google applications for learning and interacting? Though to answer my own question they probably will be able to use Google before they can use a proprietary LMS.

Jeremy B (

Dan said...

@ Jeremy
What do you mean "they"? The "so-called digital divide" is a phenomenon describing the fact that some people have easy access to the internet and some don't - it's not a group of people. Are "they" the group that exist on the other side of the divide to you?